My name is Peg Chaidez. I’m a working mom of three boys who attend Hillcrest Elementary in Downers Grove, IL. I’m also the founder of dream build play experience.

Three years ago, on the first day of school, when the bell rang, I watched other kids line up on the playground … except for my youngest son, Owen. Puzzled, I left a conversation with parents to search. When I peeked behind an old slide structure, I found him alone and crying.

Owen’s wheelchair got stuck; he was buried in wood chips. I spent that day with him, heartbroken.

Then, I promised I would make it right, not just for Owen, but for those with sensory issues. Those living with Autism or Down syndrome. Those in wheelchairs, or needing aides. Anyone who wants to play, safely. That’s about it, really. A playground for everyone.

After countless meetings and requests to fund and build a safe and universally designed playground — the first of its kind within a 20-mile radius — my promise is being made real thanks to the support of many and from our fiscal partner, Abide In Mea 501c3 based in Lemont.
Abide In Me