School District 89 Inclusive Playgrounds Project

Maywood, Illinois

Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000

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About School District 89 Inclusive Playgrounds Project: Garfield Elementary and Melrose Park Elementary Schools serve 1,200 students grades PreK-5th, who come to us with a variety of talents and ability levels. Our schools are places where our students are empowered to be academically, emotionally and socially successful, our staff is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all and together we celebrate our diversity,

Why are playgrounds important for children?s development?

  • The equipment can encourage children to be more active during recess time and allows children to develop their balance, speed agility and coordination.
  • It encourages children to explore and build sensory activity.
  • It supports children in building social skills, It is a place where they learn to get along, agree on rules and resolve conflict.
  • It is a place that will allow 9reater accessibility and provide a place where ALL children, regardless of physical ability have a place to play, be challenged, and have fun.
  • Recent studies have found that physical activity leads to improved academic performance.

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