Hope D. Wall School

Aurora, Illinois

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PROJECT COST: $350,000
About Hope D. Wall School:
Hope D. Wall School is a public school that serves approximately 170 students with special needs from both School Districts 129 and 131. We have students ranging in age from 3 years old to 21 years old. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, and each student has his or her own specific needs. Many of our students utilize wheelchairs for mobility. Some of our students use communication devices. Although our students are all unique, they all share a common trait: Every one of our students loves a trip to the playground.

Our current playground, constructed in 1993, was a parent and community build project. Parents, staff, and community members worked together to build the ?Playscape,? a wooden playground complete with bridges, climbing ropes, swings, wheelchair swings, and other equipment. The completed Playscape gave students access to play opportunities that they did not previously have. That was 25 years ago, and, unfortunately, wood ages and the playground is showing its age. Swings have broken and cannot be replaced, the climbing ropes are pulling through the playground supports, wood has been patched and replaced, and the woodchip ground surface is entirely unusable for wheelchairs. We have loved our Playscape, but we also need to ensure that our play spaces are functional for all of our students.