129-97308-1B_KingsleySchool dream build play experience accessible playgrounds

Kingsley Elementary School

Downers Grove, IL

User Capacity: 345
Dedicated Play Space: 3,206
Fundraising Goal: $208,536

About Kingsley Elementary School:

Kingsley Elementary School is one of several elementary schools catering to young students and their families in the Downers Grove area of Illinois. The school teaches students from Kindergarten to 6th grade. The staff at Kingsley is dedicated to seeing their students achieve beyond what they thought possible.

Kingsley Elementary School strives to create a warm, safe, and soothing environment for its students, emphasizing a family-based atmosphere. Staff members bring a nurturing element to their work with students. Positivity, acceptance, and cooperation are the pillars of interaction between students.

Unfortunately, the playground at Kingsley Elementary School is outdated and linear. The Dream Build Play Experience is pleased to provide the vision, design, and structures necessary to create a fully accessible and universally-designed play space for its staff and students.