Lester Elementary School
236 Indianapolis Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60516

FUNDS RAISED: $400,000
OPENED: August 2020
About Lester Elementary School:
The Lester School student population is comprised of 520 students ages K-6, who come to us with a variety of talents and ability levels. Our Lester School community focus is to Be Kind-Be Brave-Work Hard. As a result, our students follow the Golden Rule and treat others the way they would like to be treated. Overall, our students are spirited children that like to use their imaginations for creative play. The Lester Staff is composed of dedicated professionals that care deeply about our students and want all students to have the opportunity to experience movement, stay active, foster wellness, and socialize together in a safe environment.

We currently have two playground areas on-site at Lester School. Both areas are used by different grade levels of children at various times during the school day/year. The majority of our current playground equipment is old. We are hoping that in updating equipment, our students and our community will reap the benefits of fun and exercise. In addition, we would like to be able to provide pieces that will help students with sensory, learning, physical and developmental difficulties be able to have enjoyment as they play here at Lester.