headshot-200x300 dream build play experience accessible playgroundsCo-Founder Peg Chaidez began the Dream Build Play Experience after witnessing her youngest son Owen get his wheelchair tires stuck in the wood chips at his school?s playground. He had difficulties getting around the equipment and couldn?t take advantage of the opportunity to play and interact with his peers. Peg quickly put her determination to see her son play to good use and went on a mission to make playgrounds accessible, fun, and safe for everybody.

So far, Peg and the Dream Build Play Experience have partnered with Play Illinois to create a universally-designed playground at Hillcrest Elementary School in Downers Grove, Illinois. She is currently working on several other playground projects and is always willing to use her story to help give back to other communities.?

Co-Founder Michael Maloney has been the driving creative force for the Dream Build Play Experience. He is both a certified landscape architect and a NRPA certified playground safety inspector. He has used his industry knowledge to ensure that the projects taken on by the Dream Build Play Experience are designed and built with the highest standards in safety, quality, and innovation.

Michael Maloney has 30 years of park and playground design, management, and construction experience. He specializes in design and amenities consultation, playground safety inspections, and ASTM/CPSI playground audits.

Michael donated his personal time to the design and construction of Owen?s Playground at Hillcrest Elementary School. He believes in the value of play as a tool for learning and development for children of all ages and abilities, and has helped modify dozens of community playgrounds.