Scammon Elementary

Chicago, Illinois

Fundraising Goal: $400,000

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About Scammon Elementary School: Scammon Elementary has 720 students ranging from preschool to eighth grade, with approximately 92% of students receiving free and/or reduced lunch. We are proud to say our students are an amazing group of children, filled with incredible potential. Our school motto is ?Scammon Elementary is a great place to be a kid, where every day counts? and we believe it is vital for students to work hard. In order to balance our demand for academic excellence, we want to provide students the ability to enjoy the freedom and fun of imaginative play.

Scammon Elementary is one of the few Chicago Public Schools without a playground. Our students utilize different concrete spaces during recess and outdoor play time, which is not an ideal recess environment due to the rough surface area. It is our goal to provide a playground that allows students to release their energy in a safe and productive manner. We would like the equipment to have various areas of play to allow for all forms of movement and sensory learning, from climbing to sliding to interactive playing. We believe this healthy release of energy will increase student focus in class and overall enjoyment of being at school each and every day. We want students to fully experience the joys of being a child, they deserve it! Aside from the benefits for Scammon students, this playground will also serve as a fun space for children throughout the community both after school and on the weekends.

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