Dream Build Play Experience offers a range of high quality, long lasting, and innovative recreational equipment and outdoor products. Our products are sourced from the top manufacturers in their fields. We are the exclusive representatives of BCI Burke, LLC in the state of Illinois.

Our staff of landscape architects and designers will utilize their 30+ years of knowledge and industry experience to provide outstanding service and support through every step of the process.  We will ensure that all projects are compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ASTM standards, and the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Site Assessment and Planning

We will ensure that your project goals and the proposed site are compatible. Our experienced staff will help you determine the general suitability of the site and how to best utilize its layout and features.

Site Utilization

It is critical to plan for the effective use of your chosen site, regardless of your project?s size. Our team will help evaluate your site to create layouts featuring themed areas that match anticipated usage patterns and blend seamlessly with the natural environment.

Identify and Avoid Extra Costs

Early site assessment is key to identifying and avoiding cost overruns during both the construction phase and throughout long-term maintenance. The location of existing utilities, elevations, water runoff, and subsoils are just a few of the topics that we consider early on in the planning process.

Playground Design Consultation

The ultimate goal is to create an exciting recreational experience for playground enthusiasts of any age and ability. Our playground designs are created to build the imagination and provide sensory rich environments for both the young in age and the young at heart.  Our designs bear in mind the development of social interplay, imagination, and self-confidence.

We include site analysis, needs assessment, and conformity to local and federal regulations as part of our design components. We will advise you on the types of equipment that will create the appropriate atmosphere and motivate children to exercise their minds and bodies through the use of quality products that allow for minimal maintenance and easy clean up.

Budgets have a tremendous impact on the scope of a project. Our goal is to maximize current and future results.  Whether big or small, Dream Build Play Experience designs offer a combination of experience and the latest technology.

Construction Management

Dream Build Play Experience is prepared to step into whatever size role your project demands. We have the experience of assembling and managing a team of contractors to complete your project from a timely manner. We will assist you throughout the process, from the moment you break ground to your ribbon cutting ceremony. We will monitor all expenses to stay within the desired budget and create a critical path timeline that meets both your financial requirements and your completion deadline.

The full utilization of construction management services at Dream Build Play Experience will result in a turn-key operation that includes design, purchase, installation, construction, fundraising, consultations, and services.

Assisted and Community Built

Projects can be installed by factory certified craftsmen, community members, or a combination of both. Dream Build Play Experience will help you determine the requirements for each piece of equipment or amenity you choose. We will then determine and discuss the feasibility of providing appropriate installation by each group to provide you with the most budget-conscious installation that meets all state and federal safety guidelines.

Fund Raising

Ask your Dream Build Play Experience representative about strategies for effective fundraising events, grant resources, and purchasing cooperatives. Dream Build Play Experience will provide access to a database of federal, state, and private foundation grants that are available to schools and not-for-profit organizations. We can assist qualifying groups in writing the grants. Those who qualify may access the TCPN or HGAC Purchasing Cooperative through Dream Build Play Experience to leverage the buying power of governmental purchasing cooperatives.